Contracts & Agreements

Construction Contracts

Contract Negotiation, Drafting and Review

Businesses and individuals routinely enter into to contracts.  In order to protect your interests, you need to ensure that that each of your contracts are clear, enforceable, provide adequate remedies, and reflect the true intentions and exceptions of the parties.

The attorneys at the Coulter Law Group can assist you with negotiating and drafting fair and reasonable contracts, and ensure that requirements and expectations are clearly understood.  Taking the time at the beginning of a contractual relationship to clearly reduce an agreement to writing is essential, and usually saves time and expense down the road.

Even if you have already negotiated a contract, it is essential that you carefully review the terms of the contract and fully understand your rights and responsibilities.  Usually, contracts contain “boilerplate” legal provisions that cannot be fully understood without legal advice.  Thus, it is essential that you have an experienced attorney review the contract before you sign, so any issues or problems are identified before you are obligated.