Results & Verdicts

The Coulter Law Groups has a long history of helping injured persons obtain compensation for the injuries they have sustained. Whether our clients were injured in auto accidents, slip and falls, laser burns, premises liability, products liability, we have helped them obtain just compensation through our hard work, understanding of how insurance companies work against consumers interests, commitment, vigorous representation, and using our resources to get expert witnesses for our clients. We are confident in our ability to obtain success in injury cases, and we don’t get paid unless our client gets paid.

  • The Coulter Law Group was contacted by a grieving widower and grieving daughter after they were told by family that their wife/mother had effectively disinherited them during the last month battling cancer. There was reason to believe that the other family members had exerted undue influence over the wife/mother and took advantage of the situation. Our clients did not have thousands of dollars to spend to challenge this injustice, but the Coulter Law Group helped them redress the wrongs done to them on a contingency basis with no out-of-pocket cost to them. The Coulter Law Group successfully challenged the undue influence of the other family members, and were able to re-claim title to real property and recover all bank account balances and other assets for our clients. Instead of getting nothing, our client recovered everything that should have gone to them but for the wrongful conduct of the other family members. Without the Coulter Law Group’s willingness to take on the case without compensation unless a recovery was obtained, our clients could not have afforded to right the wrongs done to them.
  • The Coulter Law Group was contacted by a young man who had recently and tragically lost his brother and best friend. During his period of grieving, he was made aware that his brother had made him a beneficiary of a $1.3 million life insurance policy. Later, our client was made aware that his brother’s estranged wife was trying take away his insurance death benefit. She had done the same thing on other life insurance policies. Our client knew that he was entitled to insurance death benefit, but he did not have the ability to challenge action or deal with the insurance company’s attorneys during his period of grief. Nor did he have the resources to pay an attorney to do this for him. The Coulter Law Group was willing to help our client defeat the estranged wife’s claim without compensation until a recovery was obtained and paid to the client. We successfully challenged the estranged wife’s claims in court, and obtained the $1.3 million policy benefit for our client. The money could not replace the loss of his brother, but our client was able to ensure that his brother’s wishes were carried out after his death.
  • The attorneys at the Coulter Law Group were essential in obtaining a successful verdict for our clients after a two week trial that avoided a $3 million dollar claim, and instead resulted in a favorable judgment for our clients in excess of $530,000. We successfully defended the appeal of the judgment in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, CO, and helped our clients collect on their judgment. Including the appeal, the case was pending for 10+ years, and concerned a 20+ relationship with a CPA. The Coulter Law Group was able to win a verdict on professional malpractice and breach of contract claims. The success in the case was attributable to diligent pre-trial preparation and litigation skill, vigorous advocacy, securing and working with qualified expert witnesses, and securing necessary testimony from numerous witnesses, including obtaining clearances for IRS agents to testify in a civil matter (which is highly unusual). The Coulter Law Group was pleased that we were able to not only defeat such a significant claim, but also to obtain a significant money judgment for our clients.
  • The Coulter Law Group has been helped victims of Ponzi schemes to avoid significant liabilities resulting from the fraud of others. It is unfortunate that people can be victimized not only by the fraud of the Ponzi scheme perpetrator, but also by unfair application of bankruptcy law. The Coulter Law Group is experienced in minimizing this double victimization and helping prosecutors punish Ponzi scheme perpetrators for their crimes.