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Guardianship v. Adoption. Guardianship is the establishment of parental rights and obligations without terminating the birth parents’ rights and without establishing a parent-child relationship with the guardian. Adoption is the termination of the birth parents’ parental rights and obligations, with the full substitution of a new parent, or parents, with all rights and obligations. The birth parents can petition the court to undo a guardianship, but an adoption is final and permanent.

Types of Adoptions in Utah

  • Open/Closed Adoptions
  • Newborn Adoptions
  • Step-Parent Adoptions
  • Grandparent Adoptions
  • Foster Child Adoptions
  • Interstate Adoptions
  • Native American Adoptions
  • Foreign/International Adoptions

Adoption Contracts. An adoption contract is a pre-birth contract wherein the birth mother promises to give up the baby and the adoptive parents promise to pay certain, reasonable expenses. The contract is not enforceable by taking the baby, but may be enforced by requiring the birth mother to reimburse for expenses incurred by the adopting parents in reliance on her promise to give up the baby.

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