Draper Product Liability Lawyer Serving Utah

Draper Product Liability Lawyer Serving Utah

Injuries Caused by Defective Products Demand Maximum Compensation

As consumers, we trust that the products we buy have been tested and are safe to use. After all, creating safe products is part of the manufacturer’s responsibility. Unfortunately, products can and do fail—often causing severe injuries.

If you have been injured due to flaws or defects in a product’s design, manufacturing flaws or inadequate warnings, it is not at all unreasonable to expect the manufacturer should be held accountable for the pain and the medical expenses you and your family have endured. In many cases, extraordinary punitive damages are necessary to set an example to an entire industry. Don’t feel bad. Making manufacturers pay for their carelessness makes every consumer safer going forward.  At Coulter & Tateoka, we take great pride in changing how entire industries do business by forcing them to address dangerously flawed products.

Draper Personal Injury Law Firm on the Value of Experience

Coulter & Tateoka has been advocating on behalf of injured parties for over two decades. Our Draper personal injury attorneys have extensive experience with product liability lawsuits and an impressive record of helping our clients obtain the highest possible payment for their injuries. We have successfully represented people who have been injured by heavy machinery, household appliances, motor vehicles, airbags, pharmaceutical drugs and many other everyday consumer products. We can do the same for you.

With Coulter & Tateoka, You’ll Never Settle For Less

The attorneys of Coulter & Tateoka are equally adept at negotiating settlements as they are at arguing a case in court, largely because we prepare each case from day one as if it will go to trial. However, our attorneys are also extremely skilled at negotiating settlements.

Often, manufacturers or their insurance companies will make an offer to settle your case outside of court. This is usually preferable to them, as it avoids any negative publicity which could hurt their business and, in their minds at least, presents the opportunity to get away with paying as little as possible for your injuries. This may work when they are dealing with other law firms, but not when they are negotiating with Coulter & Tateoka.

In any negotiation for settlement, our objective is always to get the maximum financial compensation possible for our clients. Because our opponents know we have a reputation for being ready, willing and able to take every case to court, they are typically more generous in their settlement offers than they are with lesser law firms. When their offers don’t measure up, or when the injuries are so grievous as to demand public exposure, we ruthlessly pursue justice through a trial.

Free Initial Consultation and No Fees Till We Win

Surprising as it may sound, having the best legal representation in Draper won’t cost you a fortune in retainer fees. We offer free initial consultations to assess your case and do not charge you a dime until you have received compensation. In this manner, you can be assured we will be working very diligently to get you as much money as possible for your injury.

If a product’s failure has resulted in injury to you or the death of a loved one, don’t risk going up against the well-financed legal team of a manufacturer without a law firm known for winning product liability cases. The personal injury attorneys of Coulter & Tateoka are here to fight for every dollar of compensation you deserve.