Commercial Property & Equipment Leases

Commercial Property Leases








When choosing your next business space or leasing your property out, there is much to consider to control the costs and maintain profitability. Commercial property lease contracts, if setup properly can be a great way to increase your bottom line, if you negotiate things up front and make the right agreements. If not properly setup terms to your lease, this could affect your short and long term growth of your business and personally binding yourself with future liability, when you need to change or grow into a larger place.  At Coulter Law Group, we are here to assist and service owners of small to midsized business to secure sufficient facilities for operations and growth of their organization.

Taking a personal approach with our clients, we take the time to listen to your needs and together we can formulate a practical commercial leasing solution to custom tailored to your unique situation and goals. We work with a variety business operations from local enterprises to international businesses and will assist you with every step of the way through your growth and expansion.

Keys areas we can assist you with, are to secure the necessary financing and negotiating of the commercial leasing for everything from factories to office spaces. We have the experience to represent you in many areas such as:

  • Triple net allocations
  • Use of space
  • Rights of access
  • Build-out allowances
  • Naming rights
  • Tenants rights
  • Vendor agreements
  • Non-compete covenants
  • Retail, commercial and industrial leases for landlords and tenants

Here at Coulter Law Group, we are well-versed in creative and alternative dispute resolutions for a variety of situations, such as (mediation,arbitration, negotiation) and litigation. Having our law group behind you, any event that happens, you can be assured with confidence that any contract disputes or other legal issues arise, that we’ve got your back and protecting your business interests and your bottom line, is our priority. To learn more about the scope of how we can service your needs, contact us to schedule a consultation.

Equipment Leases

Equipment Leasing

Long-term leasing is a fairly common practice among growing businesses. It simply doesn’t make sense to buy warehouse space and machinery when your company is going to grow it out of it within a year or two. Like any other contract, leasing agreements can often be filled with legal jargon that simply doesn’t make sense to the average individual. Having a lawyer review leasing contracts will ensure that you’re not stuck with a bill that you shouldn’t have to pay when the terms of your lease expire.